Cannes Film Festival spreads straw on red carpet in political jab against author Iveta Cherneva

CANNES, France /PRNewswire/ — In a presumed political jab, the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival spread straw on the red carpet in the feet of author and political commentator Iveta Cherneva, at the Cannes red carpet premiere of the movie Stillwater, starring Matt Damon, on Thursday. Photo:…

The symbolism of the straw on the Cannes red carpet is still unclear. One interpretation is the suggestion of a “strawman”.

“Just as I reached the red carpet on Thursday to see Matt Damon’s new movie, the French authorities searched my car and shut the trunk loud. This is happening at the Cannes red carpet. The organizers spread straw in my feet at the spot on the red carpet where I posed the photographers. What are the French trying to tell me?,” Cherneva wondered.

Iveta Cherneva is a critic of French President Emmanuel Macron. She has criticized him in political commentary for calling NATO “brain-dead” and for suggesting that Bulgarians in France are criminals.……

Despite having tickets, Cherneva was blocked and barred from attending two afterparties that follow the Cannes red carpet premieres, including the afterparty of the opening ceremony.

“I had purchased tickets but I was barred last minute from attending not one but two afterparties. It was obvious. I believe all of this was political,” Iveta Cherneva said.

The BEF ticket agency confirmed in writing with the author that she was barred from Matt Damon’s afterparty due to her “public activities”.

Cherneva is also a critic of the US government, including President Biden, US Secretary of State Blinken and FBI director Christopher Wray.

The Chopard cocktail party at the Hotel Martinez rooftop on 10 July was not any different. “The party was a total disappointment; there were no A-list celebrities, no performers and no media and photographers,” Cherneva said. The organizer, Chopard’s co-president and creative director, Caroline Scheufele was spotted wearing a T-shirt and tights. She walked around barefoot, sitting on the floor from time to time to feed her dog food from the guests’ tables. Video:…

“It was a total joke. There was something wrong with the Cannes Film Festival this year,” Iveta Cherneva added.

Cherneva is in Cannes to comment on Oliver Stone’s new movie “JFK” premiering on 11 July to reveal new facts about the coverup of the murder of the American president JFK. Stone’s theory supported by facts is that the US establishment including the CIA and the Pentagon murdered Kennedy and covered up the conspiracy with the help of the FBI and the White House. The movie cannot find a distributor in the United States due to its controversial and ground-breaking nature.

SOURCE Iveta Cherneva’s Press Office



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