Every Day Should Be Love Your Pet Day!

Love Your Pet Day Be the person your pet thinks you are #LoveYourPetDay On February 20th, pet lovers everywhere observe National Love Your Pet Day. This holiday focuses on giving extra attention to our pets. The day encourages pampering our pets and focusing on the special relationship pets hold in our lives. (National Day Calendar)

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4 Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Your Pet

While every pet is unique in looks and needs, a responsibility shared by all pet parents is to make sure their four-legged friends stay in good health. A pet’s health can reflect that of its owner, so living alongside your pet in a healthy way can help you both thrive. Consider these tips to help you and your dog feel your best, and visit for more details on encouraging a healthy lifestyle…

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15 Things That Dogs Hate About People

    Animal’s Book Dogs are lovely pets, loyal to their owners. The thing is that dogs also hate certain things about people, including daily basis activities but also some extras. It goes from patting them on the top of their head to using scented grooming products. Either way, dogs love to be around their owners and therefore we should…

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