Twitter Layoffs ‘Callous’, Possibly in Violation of Federal, State Law

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A lawsuit was filed against Twitter for allegedly violating California’s WARN Act by failing to give enough notice about ongoing mass layoffs.

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Meta’s lack of ad transparency contributes to political polarization

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Meta was hit with a $24.7 million fine after a Washington judge found the tech giant had intentionally violated the state’s campaign finance disclosure laws. Ken Birman, professor of computer science at Cornell University, is an expert on big “cloud computing” companies such as Facebook and Google. He says claims that Meta cannot track advertisement data is peculiar and that its ad…

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Expert: 4 Ways Americans Can Keep Their Vote Secure and Accurate

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With election security experts waylaid by years debunking false claims of election fraud, little has improved since 2020. J. Alex Halderman, one of the nation’s foremost election security experts and a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan, has spent much of the last two years debunking false claims of fraud that followed the 2020 election. While he…

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