Genetic sequencing could be key to containing future COVID-19 variant outbreaks

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New COVID-19 variants could potentially be contained where they arise using genetic sequencing, a new study from the University of Georgia has found. But it will require global cooperation.

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Another monkey virus could be poised for spillover to humans

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Evoking parallels to HIV, authors are calling on global health community to be vigilant Newswise — An obscure family of viruses, already endemic in wild African primates and known to cause fatal Ebola-like symptoms in some monkeys, is “poised for spillover” to humans, according to new University of Colorado Boulder research published online Sept. 30 in the journal Cell. While such…

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Brain Navi Biotechnology Announced Partnership with Distributor, Medtreq Medical Equipment, to enter the Middle East and Egypt with NaoTrac Neurosurgical Robot

PRNewswire/ — Brain Navi, the leading surgical robot manufacture in Taiwan, announced a strategic partnership with distributor, Medtreq Medical Equipment, to expand the distribution of the Surgical Navigation Robot, NaoTrac, throughout the region of GCC region, Jordan, Egypt plus other countries in the Middle East and Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore which will be covered by Medtreq branch in Philippines. NaoTrac, a CE-certified and local government approval neurosurgical navigation robot from Brain Navi…

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Techstars Adds Woman of Color Co-founded Technology Based Company VR Eval to Roster of High Powered Accelerator Program

Techstars announces VR Eval, the company behind groundbreaking virtual technology called EVAL designed to help mental healthcare clients and those suffering from trauma, will participate in its new multi-million dollar accelerator program powered by J.P. Morgan MIAMI /PRNewswire/ — VR Eval, the company synonymous with advanced patented case management and virtual reality system EVAL designed to help anyone with a mental…

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Scientists Discover Cancer Trigger That Could Spur Targeted Drug Therapies

Newswise — Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have definitively linked the function of a specific domain of proteins important in plant-microbe biology to a cancer trigger in humans, knowledge that had eluded scientists for decades. The team’s findings, published in Nature Communications Biology, open up a new avenue for the development of selective drug therapies to fight a variety…

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FDA Statement on Medical Device User Fee Amendments (MDUFA)

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The FDA and representatives from the medical device industry have reached an agreement on proposed recommendations for the fifth reauthorization of the medical device user fee program. Under the new agreement, the FDA would be authorized to collect at least $1.78 billion in user fees over five years, plus additional funding, for a total of up to $1.9 billion to further…

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Olympus Announces FDA Clearance of the CELERIS™ Single-Use Sinus Debrider

The only single-use debrider on the market streamlines patient care in an office setting without requiring any capital investment. Olympus, a global technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions for medical and surgical procedures, announced today FDA clearance for its CELERIS™ single-use sinus debrider system with a full market availability in the near future. The CELERIS system contains the…

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National Scoliosis Center Hosts Lunch & Learn Events for Medical Professionals

National Scoliosis Center is hosting quarterly scoliosis-themed ‘Lunch & Learn’ events to educate and connect with others in the medical field. While these events are primarily for medical professionals who wish to learn more about advances in scoliosis treatment, anyone interested is invited to attend as well. The Lunch & Learn events are free, and each event features a prominent medical professional providing extensive…

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What makes an mRNA vaccine so effective against severe COVID-19?

Shots trigger exceptional antibody response by activating key helper immune cells The first two vaccines created with mRNA vaccine technology — the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines — are arguably two of the most effective COVID vaccines developed to date. In clinical trials, both were more than 90% effective at preventing symptomatic infection, easily surpassing the 50% threshold the Food…

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Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

  Veritasium Mosquitoes are attracted to me and it’s likely due to my genes. This video is sponsored by 23andMe Huge thanks to Prof. Immo Hansen and team: References: Genome Wide Association Study for self-reported mosquito attractiveness: The twin study showing correlated attractiveness is stronger for identical twins:

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