Vita Inclinata Expands Vita Rescue System (VRS) Sales to Africa and South America Through United Aero Group (UAG) Partnership

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vita Inclinata (Vita), developer and producer of precision aerospace and industrial stabilization devices, today announced a partnership with United Aero Group (UAG), an OEM authorized independent service provider focused on rotary support for both commercial and military customers around the world. The partnership will enable UAG to resell the Vita Rescue System (VRS) to search and rescue/combat search and rescue/emergency medical services…

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Supreme Court’s EPA Ruling Puts Human Health and Ecology at Risk

air air pollution chimney clouds

The Supreme Court has curtailed the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon emissions from power plants in a decision that could limit other federal agencies’ regulatory powers. Catherine Kling is an environmental economist and an expert in water quality modeling who served for 10 years on the EPA’s Science Advisory Board. Kling says the Supreme Court’s decision to…

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Come Clean for Earth During the Great American Campout

Clean Earth Challenge Offers Way to Restore Land, Oceans, Waterways While Enjoying the Great Outdoors RESTON, Va. /PRNewswire/ — To inspire Americans to camp green and come clean for Earth, the National Wildlife Federation is partnering with Johnson Outdoors to launch this year’s Great American Campout. The Great American Campout encourages people to get outdoors and connect with nature in a meaningful, responsible way….

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Scientists Fail to Locate Once-Common CA Bumble Bees

Climate change, urbanization and pesticides imperil wild pollinators Newswise — Several species of California bumble bees have gone missing in the first statewide census of the fuzzy pollinators in 40 years. If they can be found, a recent court ruling could help save them. Smaller-scale studies have documented significant declines in bumble bee populations around the world due to climate…

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WATER: We Have Too Much, But Not Enough – To Air On The Science Channel And MotorTrend TV

NEW YORK (June 15, 2022) â€“ Water – it’s one of the greatest challenges all nations face today. Though it covers about 71% of the earth’s surface, more than 97% is found in the ocean, unusable for drinking, growing crops and most industrial uses. In fact, less than 3% of the world’s water is fresh, and, of that, less than 1% is…

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Hy-Hybrid Energy Releases Agenda for the 3rd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2022)

aircraft flying above city

International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC) is the world’s first Hydrogen Aviation platform setup by Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO & Founder, Hy-Hybrid Energy. Join us at IHAC 2022 and show the world that we are committed to decarbonising aviation by accelerating hydrogen developments!” — Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, June 13, 2022 / — Hy-Hybrid Energy is pleased…

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On the 30th Anniversary of World Oceans Day, SeaWorld Announces Commitment to Support UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 ‘Life Below Water’ with Nearly 60 Years of Taking Action to Protect Marine Animals and their Habitats

photo of a fish on corals

SeaWorld will continue to act on UN SDG 14 to conserve and sustainably use the ocean, seas, and marine resources  SeaWorld has developed and supported various aquaculture programs that reintroduce healthy and abundant fish populations necessary to sustain sea life Restoring coral reef systems has been and remains a priority for SeaWorld in Florida and worldwide SeaWorld will maintain its long-term commitment to cleaner and…

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How Can Changes to Urban Neighborhoods and Buildings Affect Microclimates and Energy Use?

Computational work uses a Chicago neighborhood to understand and quantify climate effects on building energy use from changes in urban design. The Science Heating and cooling for buildings is a large part of global energy demand. In the United States in 2010, buildings accounted for the biggest share (41 percent) of the nation’s energy consumption. This partly explains why despite…

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How Buildings Contribute to Urban Heating during Heat Waves

A bottom-up approach quantifies the contributions of human-caused heating from building energy The Science Previous research has found that heat waves and urban heat island effects reinforce each other’s effects. These heat islands are concentrations of buildings, paved areas, and other surfaces that absorb and retain heat. Emissions of heat from buildings are an important part of this heat island…

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Avatar Against Food Waste

A digital twin for citrus fruits Newswise — On the way from the place of production to the consumer’s plate, about one third of all food worldwide spoils. One reason is unfavorable storage conditions along production and supply chains, including suboptimal storage at home. Researchers at Empa’s Biomimetical Membranes and Textiles laboratory in St. Gallen have been working for some…

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