Change Cadet Launches New Anti-Racist Educational Platform

 Today there is something you “CCAN” do to genuinely make the world a better place. Change Cadet is excited to announce the launch of Change Cadet Action Network (CCAN), an interactive anti-racist educational platform designed for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of how to authentically support the the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community and dismantle white supremacy.

Dr. Akilah Cadet – founder & CEO of Change Cadet – poses with the mobile version of the Change Cadet Action Network

The Oakland-based DEIB consulting firm – as seen in Vogue Business, Forbes, and Elle – is uniquely positioned to promote accountability and understanding in divisive times. CCAN takes the Ally Nudge, a text anti-racism learning module with over 20,000 participants, to the next level. CCAN continues the momentum thanks to multiple ways of learning from self-paced structure, opt-in text alert functionality, monthly content updates, and pricing packages.

“Nearly two years after the summer of allyship, people are still looking for a supportive, accessible space to learn and unlearn,” says Dr. Akilah Cadet, Founder and CEO of Change Cadet. “Change Cadet Action Network is designed to show up in different ways in people’s lives. Our platform is the long term solution to empower everyone’s learning process with digestible resources they can trust.”

“The Change Cadet Action Network is beautiful!!! It is so empowering and has touched me in so many ways. I’m more mindful with how I do the work. It’s amazing!,” says Eryka V, Senior Global Director, Culture & Community at Blue Bottle Coffee.

Features and benefits of Change Cadet Action Network include:

  • 4-week long education that can be completed at member’s own pace + daily 10 minutes or less action-oriented modules and content
  • Our first action module, “Ways to Be Anti-Racist” includes topics such as anti-racist terms, racism in the workplace, police brutality, and white supremacy
  • Unlimited access to a curated resource library with stand-alone resources such as Change Cadet resources, articles, podcast episodes, and videos
  • Storytelling videos from Dr. Akilah Cadet for continuous learning and unlearning
  • Accessibility for English speakers around the world
  • New action modules will be added regularly

Change Cadet Action Network costs $9.99/month for a monthly subscription or $200 for a lifetime membership. Corporate packages are also available for purchase. For more information on CCAN, visit

About Change Cadet: Change Cadet is an organizational development consulting firm that offers a broad array of strategy and diversity services for companies and global brands. Founder and CEO Dr. Akilah Cadet, named Forbes Next 1000, has a strong public health background and 15+ years of experience working with private and public sector companies. She literally has all the degrees, lives in Oakland, CA, has a rare heart condition, and is a proud Beyoncé advocate. Although she loves to dismantle white supremacy, CCAN was created for everyone to do the work.

Change Cadet Action Network

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