CONCIERGE KEY Health Reduces Access and Wait Times to Leading Physicians

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 15, 2017 — CONCIERGE KEY Health, the first mobile app to provide on-demand access to elite physician specialists, recently commissioned two independent and nationally recognized research firms to conduct statistically relevant and exhaustive analysis of the patient experience across the healthcare spectrum in 11 cities nationwide. Approximately 900 respondents participated in the study. The findings demonstrate a strong need for value disruption to improve the patient experience.

The independent research focused on the patient experience when visiting a physician’s office. The study revealed that a visit to a physician takes an average of 53 minutes, including eight minutes filling out often redundant paperwork, 18 minutes waiting in a waiting room, 11 minutes waiting in the examination room and finally, 16 minutes for physician care. In fact, only 30 percent of a total visit to a physician office is spent receiving care. Additionally, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the average access time to see physician specialists has recently increased to 24.1 days with several specialties in excess of 30 days nationwide.

The study also explored general patient sentiment, with results indicating that patients prioritize access to high quality physicians, a courteous and personal experience, as well as a prompt and efficient visit. Less than 45% of survey respondents acknowledged being thanked by their doctor in their most recent office visitation.

“Reducing patient access and wait times prior to and during office visits are critical areas where CONCIERGE KEY Health aims to disrupt the patient experience for the better,” said company founder and CEO Robert E. Grant. “Our app is designed to value the patient’s time, providing ‘fast-pass’ access to elite faculty physicians across their healthcare needs. The on-demand economy is growing exponentially, and it’s high-time for healthcare to participate in that disruption.”

“I am very excited to offer my patients CONCIERGE KEY membership which reduces access and wait times, redundant paperwork and elevates their overall experience when visiting my practice,” said Kristine Romine, MD, a leading dermatologist and CONCIERGE KEY Health member physician located in Phoenix, Ariz.

“Our current healthcare model prioritizes insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies first, with physicians and patients at the very bottom of the chain,” says leading orthopedic surgeon, Kevin Plancher, MD. “We are in dire need of a change that puts the ultimate consumer, the patient, first.”

CONCIERGE KEY Health is currently available in beta and will launch commercially on January 1, 2018.

ABOUT CONCIERGE KEY HEALTH: CONCIERGE KEY Health is the first mobile app that provides on-demand access to elite physician specialists, urgent care clinics and hospitals nationwide. While not a reimbursed healthcare provider, CONCIERGE KEY offers a first-class upgrade to the U.S. healthcare experience that over time has become increasingly inconvenient and impersonal, by eliminating excessive appointment and in-office wait times through an exceptional subscription-based membership. The CONCIERGE KEY mobile app enables patients to expedite the process of connecting to and consulting with elite top-tier doctors across the healthcare spectrum who are each board-certified faculty members of medical societies, with many belonging to the esteemed, peer-reviewed physician faculty leadership organization, World Physicians Organization (WPO). Reducing not only wait times but also reliance on referrals from third-party insurers, CONCIERGE KEY significantly enhances the patient experience in an industry lost to bureaucracy and inefficiency—and by doing so benefits doctors and patients alike. For more information, follow CONCIERGE KEY Health on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and visit


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