CUPIC Series Season 3 Premiere Dates Announced!

Phoenix, Ariz., October 23, 2018 – Well SEASON 3, the final season of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator has a definite release date… On February 5, 2019, episodes 1 through 5 will be available for streaming, on YouTube. The final episodes, 6 through 10 will tentatively be available mid-March. Other streaming services have yet to be determined, but we will keep you posted on future series details soon.

The show is set around investigators of CUPIC (kyu-pik): CENTRAL UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENON INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE who are members of the scientific and technical communities.  They have chosen to investigate cases of unexplained phenomenon, and their goal is to investigate each case to its logical conclusion. But, each of them soon realize that it will not to be an easy task to find the answers.

Season Three Synopsis: The premise of the third season is Johanna Leoni returning home from her temporary work assignment in Hawaii, and is back in charge of CUPIC-AZ in the aftermath of a tragedy that has struck this chapter of the organization. Not only are they extremely shorthanded, but the team is also in mourning and morale is at a low. Jo reaches out to her friend and professional colleague, Cynthia Young to help pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, the cases that they are receiving suddenly take a turn for the weird and that’s saying something for a group who investigates unexplained phenomenon.

CUPIC (kyu-pik)is a dramatic web series based on actual reports of unknown phenomenon, created by Rod Washington.

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