Finishing the CUPIC Web Series Final Season!

Phoenix, Ariz., February 13, 2018 – After a yearlong delay, CactusPix Motion Pictures, LLC has announced the continuation of production on final season of the web series, CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator. The announcement comes after the launch of the new and improved official website.

Since the series’ first premiered in 2011 CUPIC has completed two prior seasons.

The series synopsis: Investigators of CUPIC (kyu-pik): CENTRAL UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENON INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE are members of the scientific and technical communities who have chosen to investigate cases of unexplained phenomenon. Their goal is to investigate each case with objectivity and without bias to its logical conclusion.

The continuing premise of the third season is that Johanna Leoni has returned from her temporary work assignment in Hawaii to run CUPIC-AZ and to find that tragedy has struck this chapter of the organization. Not only are they extremely shorthanded, the team is in mourning and morale is at a low. Jo reaches out to her friend and professional colleague, Cynthia Young to help pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, the cases that they are receiving suddenly take a turn for the weird and that’s saying something for a group who investigates unexplained phenomenon.

This new production announcement comes with a few goals in mind. The first goal is to complete the final season and premiere it by late spring/ early summer on the new website. The second goal is to work on the next CUPIC related projects, which will be announced in the coming weeks, shortly afterwards.

Updates and casting notices will be announced on both the CUPIC and CactusPix websites.

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