“Energy supply: Strengthen European independence”

Commenting on possible energy measures against Russia and the current announcements from Brussels and Berlin on energy policy, Thilo Brodtmann, Executive Director of VDMA, says:

“We support the EU’s plan for more energy independence from Russia as well as the German government’s 200 billion euro package, which will advance investments in security of supply combined with more climate protection. The German government’s current analysis is correct: An immediate halt to imports of Russian energy sources would damage our economy so permanently that Germany would lose an enormous amount of its ability to act. Such a halt to imports would not be a sensible or sustainable option now. However, this assessment must be reviewed on an ongoing basis and adjusted if necessary. We fully support the sanctions already adopted against Russia.An immediate halt to imports of Russian energy sources would do such lasting damage to our economy that Germany would lose an enormous amount of its ability to act.Thilo Brodtmann, VDMA Executive Director

Measures to curb the dramatic rise in energy prices for private and industrial consumers are necessary, especially for medium-sized industrial companies. However, we urgently recommend concentrating these measures on the state-induced price components. Intervention in market-based pricing would be unprecedented for Germany and the impact on upcoming, urgently needed investments in transformation is incalculable.”

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