Gallup Center to Report on the Black Experience in America

Gallup announces the launch of the Center on Black Voices, an unprecedented ongoing study of Black life in America. Leveraging decades of existing Gallup findings, the Center on Black Voices expands on previous research to give a fuller picture of the experiences and perspectives of more than 40 million Black Americans.

The Center on Black Voices establishes key measures to track and report progress on life outcomes, access to opportunity and wellbeing.

“We’re making a 100-year commitment to report on the Black experience in America,” said Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO of Gallup. “We’re going to listen for 100 years, gathering stories and perspectives from Black Americans that can help bring about meaningful change in our society.”

The Center’s purpose is to benchmark, record and make available the voices and experiences of Black Americans to inform leaders in making thoughtful, evidence-based decisions. Gallup aims to do this through establishing, tracking and reporting on newly created sustainable development goals within the Black community.

“The Gallup Center on Black Voices will study and report on the nuanced and varying experience of Black citizens, their access to opportunity and a life well-lived. Our research will highlight and track the disparities of life outcomes and serve as a source of information on the state of racial equity in America,” said Camille Lloyd, the Center’s director and a senior consultant at Gallup.

SOURCE Gallup, Inc.

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