Gen Z Does Theatre Different with Sentenced to this Vessel, a Gotham Blackbox Production

Sentenced to this Vessel: Original script and music by Anzi DeBenedetto & Nate Sassoon

NEW YORK — Sentenced to this Vessel, A new music drama by Gotham Blackbox, will premiere on October 30th at the Theatre at St. Jean in New York City. Gotham Blackbox is a theater production and education company based in NYC.

Entirely written, directed, and composed by 20-something artists, the production is a deep dive into the Gen Z psyche; a vein of professional theatre that is just now beginning to surface from the artistic frustrations and inspirations of the pandemic. For the first time, Oxford Music and NYU Tisch graduates born in the 2000’s are launching a live show.


Sentenced To this Vessel  
Saturday 30th October | 3pm & 7pm  
The Theatre at St. Jean  
150 E. 76th Street
New York, NY 10021 


Created by Anzi DeBenedetto (NYU Tisch ’21) and Nate Sassoon (Oxford Music ’21), produced and assistant directed by Catrin OdySentenced to this Vessel tells a story of two friends who write and compose a play, intending to clarify where performance ends and reality begins. Intervened by Music who has agency, things get sticky, the narrative starts to crumble, and they must fight to piece everything together before the ending. It is a story of two ones becoming a two.

The live and recorded music includes on-stage conversations with acoustic guitar, cello, piano, mandolin, accordion, ice cubes, melodica, harmonica, drums, and a wine glass. Anzi, Nate, the audience, and (perhaps most uniquely) the music are all characters in this play.

Sentenced To this Vessel is a new work that challenges existing notions of real and fake. Two childhood friends, Mr. DeBenedetto and Mr. Sassoon, have combined forces to explore what it means, and how it feels, to perform. Bunkered down in Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, they’ve found that the line between performance and reality is not definitive; the play aims to prove this thesis.

Tickets are $35.21 (General Admission) and $19.21 (Student). For all inquiries contact Catrin Ody[email protected] | (702) 843 7622.

SOURCE Gotham Blackbox

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