Honey, I Shrunk the Fear!

Celebrate the Streaming Launch of Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom at Alice+Olivia Manhasset. Shop, Snack and Celebrate.

MANHASSET, N.Y. /PRNewswire/ — It’s happening. Kalliope Barlis’ recent TEDx Talk about overcoming fear has nearly 2 million views, and now her award-winning film is soon to be released on streaming platforms. To celebrate, the boutique store alice+olivia, located at the Americana Manhasset, is hosting a spring streaming launch of “Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom,” a reality documentary-series where real people with real fears experience real freedom by using the tools Kalliope teaches them. To celebrate they are offering 15% discount.


According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 19 million people experience uncontrollable fear. Kalliope says: “And that doesn’t include all the people I’ve met who haven’t talked to the NIH.”

The fears documented in the docuseries include fear of spiders, snakes, heights, and more, along with some surprises, including a few social-media influencers who had fears they needed to overcome. The docuseries is an extension of the International best seller Kalliope wrote, “Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom.”

Overcoming fear with Kalliope is easy and quick because she’s only interested in how a person thinks about what they fear. For instance, when someone has a fear of a spider, the spider is the size of an elephant inside their mind. But there is no such thing as a spider that big. Anyone would be terrified if they saw one.

To put it simply, “Honey, I shrunk the fear!” is what a person tells their family after they’ve gained the tools to make the spider or whatever they fear smaller than a pinpoint, thereby changing how they respond to what they once feared. Of course, people who fear spiders or snakes are reminded that they do need to be afraid of venomous creatures while learning to be more rationally responsive to ones that are not venomous.

Kalliope is creating a freedom movement, making our brains a friendly place in order for us to have the freedom to pursue and maintain our happiness. Building Your Best offers membership to be with like-minded people who want the same trainings in fear relief, golf improvement, and licensing.

Join us on April 30th, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., at alice+olivia Americana Manhasset for some fun and a free surprise gift.

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