I AM MORTAL Movie Triggers Global Dialog

LOS ANGELES — On November 19, Origin Entertainment and Yellow Barrels, will release I AM MORTAL, a Sci-Fi adventure that takes place in our distant future, in an age where humans have enjoyed years of peace, prosperity, and immortality due to a genetic vaccine called The Code. In this utopian society, a small band of rebels dares to question the cost of their near perfect world; and one immortal citizen must fight to reclaim his right… to die.

Left to Right: Abraham Lewis, Jan Uddin, Nina Kiri, Matthew Bellows, Eloise Smyth, Nia Sioux, Jasmine Carmichael, Photo by Greg Doherty

The questions raised in the movie have already sparked a global conversation about human mortality and free will on social media.

On November 19, Origin Entertainment and Yellow Barrels, will release I AM MORTAL, a Sci-Fi adventure.”

“The exciting thing about this film is that it delivers on several levels. At its core, the movie provides great entertainment. But it also explores issues most people are intrigued with today because of the pandemic… issues such as immortality versus mortality and the value having a free will,” said Cory Neal, co-founder of Yellow Barrels. “The movie does so in a way that vividly captures one’s imagination.”

“In today’s pandemic-driven culture—regardless of anyone’s personal perspective—topics such as mandated vaccinations, mask wearing requirements, and restrictions on social gatherings, have become everyday conversation. The issues of mortality and free will are tied to these discussions. Lingering questions such as, ‘Am I going to die,’ ‘What happens when we die,’ and ‘Do I have to follow this mandate?’ haunt almost everyone today,” said James T. Volk, Founder and Chairman of Origin Entertainment. “This is a great movie for a family to watch together and talk about after.”

Volk and Neal produced the project, Tony Aloupis (Safelight, Sugar) wrote the screenplay and directed. Executive producers include Peter BlockDick LylesCinda SnowRose GanguzzaHolly CarneyJohn Teague, and Mathew Shreder.

Eloise SmythAbraham Lewis, and Sean Gunn are starring with an ensemble cast including Lauren Lindsey Donzis, Matthew Bellows, Jan UddinJasmine CarmichaelJohn Harlan Kim, Nash Grier, Nia Sioux, Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio, Jenna VianaKiki Carney and Nina Kiri.

The film’s original music is by Sam Ewing (“Ava,” “Fantasy Island”). The score was produced by Bear McCreary (“The Walking Dead,” “Outlander”).

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