Illinois’ First Black Owned Entrepreneurial Academy Gives Inner-City Youth an Opportunity to Succeed

Kikifers K-12 Academy is a new program in Illinois designed to prepare students for success. Created by two entrepreneurs who desired to help more people have access to quality education and opportunity. The school offers comprehensive curricula that work towards developing

Henry McDavid & Keshondia Williamson, Founders

entrepreneurship, leadership, social development, teamwork, and physical wellness. With programs designed so all students can achieve their fullest potentials while learning how to become successful entrepreneurs or leaders on any level. With this new institution opening its doors, it hopes to change lives through high-quality educational opportunities and create a culture where everyone strives for excellence.

By donating here to Kikifer’s Entrepreneurial Academy, your support will help them provide the best opportunity and skills for neighborhoods that suffer from poverty, high crime rates, and unemployment. They provide them with the tools and skills for success through education that is tailor-made to their needs to be successful where there was once an absence of hope. This video from their students explains the difference Kikifer’s continues to make in their lives.


“We are here to change young lives and close the gap on generational wealth. We teach our students how to become a published author and open up their own business that generates revenue while working towards life-changing goals.”
– Henry McDavid, KEA Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Author & Business Consultant.

About Kikifer’s:
With only a 2-year history, Kikifer’s Entrepreneurial Academy (KEA) has had time to develop new traditions that will ripple continually in years to come. Regardless of their short history, they are committed not just because it is what future leaders need but also because education is key to progress throughout generations.


SOURCE Kikifer’s Entrepreneurial Academy

Honor Roll Students of Kikifer’s Entrepreneurial Academy, 2021

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