Karmina: The Black Dragon Princess

Normalizing Black People in Mainstream Fantasy

The Book Cover

Kornelia Blackmore is publishing an erotic fantasy novel, with black people as the main characters. The mission with this novel is to normalize black people in mainstream fantasy and not the marginalized urban fantasy. The purpose is to make a statement regarding our ancient history, as this novel takes place in an alternate universe/timeline if Caucasians had not conquered us and many other races.

Karmina is a Dragon Princess of a diplomatic clan (the house slave) versus the proud warrior race, the Isati Dragon clan (the field slave). These sister tribes have been at war with each other for 150 years. Karmina’s mother Queen Aria left her with one final wish, to unite all nations under one ruler, and strive for peace among them. Including the Caucasian race, titled the Genifo.

“I started my writing career in May of 2019, after not writing for eleven years,” says Blackmore. “After reading a Webtoon by June Purr, the idea struck me, and I remembered wondering what it would look like if it were someone of color as the main character. And Karmina’s story was born.”

The novel is available for preorder on Amazon and is scheduled to release October 21st of 2020. The audiobook will also be narrated by Kornelia Blackmore and is coming soon at a later date. Here is the link to the preorder:

Kornelia Blackmore
















SOURCE Blackmore Publications LLC

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