Kauai’s Most Beautiful Secluded Beaches


Kauai’s Most Beautiful Secluded Beaches
By Jenny Kellett

Secret Beach

The name says it all – this beach is a secret to most visitors to Kauai as it takes a lot of effort to find it.

Kauapea Beach – nicknamed Secret Beach – is located between the towns of Kalihiwai and Kilauea and is a 10 minute hike from the nearest road.

The hike is very steep, so it is not recommended for those with health problems, but if you do get the opportunity to do it, it is worth the effort.

The golden beach is surrounded by lush, green forests and a small waterfall. There are no restroom or drinking water facilities at the beach.

Donkey Beach

At the end of a long dirt track on the east coast of Kauai you’ll come across Donkey Beach. The narrow beach is lined with palm trees and has plenty of shady areas to give you a break from the sun. Named after the donkeys that used to work at nearby plantations, Donkey Beach was once a clothing -optional beach, but Hawaii’s state government has since cracked down on nude beaches across the state. The beach isn’t ideal for swimming because the water is quite rough, but sunbathing and picnics are popular activities.

Kalihiwai Beach

Kalihiwai Beach, on Kauai’s north shore, is in a secluded bay with a lush rain forest backdrop. Bordered by the Kalihiwai River, the beach is a much-used starting point for kayak trips up the river as well as snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming.

Kipu Kai

You will need a boat to get to Kipu Kai Beach, on Kauai’s southeast side at the foot of the mountains. Although there is a road leading to the beach it is privately owned so hiring a boat is the only way to access it. Kipu Kai Beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling as the water is generally quite calm.

Polihale State Park

If you’re willing to endure a 5 mile pot-hole and mud infested dirt track (not ideal if you have a hire car!), then you’re in for a treat.

Polihale State Park, situated of the western end of Highway 50, is home to the stunning Polihale beach – a wide, white sandy beach that offers some of Kauai’s most beautiful views.

As the beach is unprotected, the waves and riptides are intense so swimming and surfing is not recommended, but because of this it is almost always empty so you can take in the lush views in complete solidarity.

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