LA Transit Projects Opening in time for the 2028 Summer Olympics

Around 28 years ago, the Blue Line opened and started service between Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles. Light rail had returned to the region after a thirty year hiatus. Shortly after that, the first section of the Red Line subway opened.

True mass transit had returned to LA.

During that thirty year period before Metro Rail, LA had to rely on its huge bus fleet as the only form of mass transportation. This was limited due to the fact that buses run with traffic and didn’t have its own right of way except for the El Monte Busway.

After Bond Measure M, a half-cent sales tax, that voters overwhelmingly passed, more money can be allocated to expanding LA’s modern and comprehensive transportation system.

There are ambitious projects that are slated to be completed within a ten year period. These are designed to ease congestion and to help the region become less reliant on cars.

These projects are anticipated to open in time for the 2028 LA Summer Olympics.





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