Live-Action Short Film ‘Tribes’ Has Streaming Premiere Today On Short Of The Week


Los Angeles, CA (December 21, 2020) – Short Of The Week, the preeminent voice in online short film curation with an audience of millions, debuted director Nino Aldi‘s award-winning live action short film Tribes this morning:


In this intense, provocative, and satirical look at societal tribalism, a subway train ride between two stations takes an unexpected turn as three men – African American, Arab American, and white – announce their intention to rob the passengers on the packed car. However, none of the guys want to rob people of their own race or social subgroup. As the themes of inclusion, diversity, and unity unfold, the crime goes off the rails in a hilarious way.


Tribes is written by Andy Marlatt and stars Primetime Emmy® nominee DeStorm Power (Jemar), Forbes 30 Under 30 Adam Waheed (Amed), and Emmy®-winner Jake Hunter (Kevin). And the timely story brings a breath of fresh air to the current societal conversations around race, division, and identity, in a way that has allowed audiences to both reflect and get a good laugh.


Director Nino Aldi, writer Andy Marlatt, and lead actors DeStorm Power, Adam Waheed, and Jake Hunter, as well as producer Patricia Chica, are available for interview now.


“It is an enormous honor to have Tribes chosen for Short of the Week. Our society needs meaning and positivity and it does help to discuss serious issues while having a good laugh,” says director Nino Aldi, “This is exactly what we set out to do in 11 minutes with Tribes and I could not be happier to have the opportunity to reach the millions of viewers Short of the Week offers.”


“In a year that has incontrovertibly proven that systemic racism is still a major problem in the United States (and across the world), its discussion of societal separatism feels undoubtedly pertinent,” said Ivan Kander, senior programmer at Short Of The Week. “One could imagine how easily a comedic film dealing with sensitive and important topics could have devolved into ‘clapter,’ the message becoming overshadowed by its own preachiness. But, Tribes is just a lot of fun: fast-paced and frantic, using broad character tropes to cleverly call out our own societal biases.”


Emmy-winning producer and actor Jake Hunter (Kevin) said: “With Tribes, I wanted to tell an entertaining story that sheds light on the conversation around race and, at the same time, inspires the population to realize that we’re all one.”


American Music Awards honoree DeStorm Power (Jemar) said: “As a black man living in America, growing up experiencing inequity first hand, the effect of racism, police brutality and being discriminated against constantly simply for being black, Tribes reconfirmed to me that I’m not alone in this fight for equality. Bringing this issue to life in a comedic fashion and helping the viewers see its importance, was more than rewarding.”


“The biggest message to take-away from Tribes is unity. No matter how you separate people based upon age, gender, race, and ethnicity, we are all connected. This is what makes us humans and allows us to understand all that we have in common,” says actor Adam Waheed (Amed).


Tribes has received multiple awards during its film festival run including 1st Place at the Just For Laughs funniest short films global competition and Best Comedy at LA Shorts Fest. It had its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, followed by Regard, Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival, and the Cannes’ Film Festival American Pavilion’s Emerging Filmmaker Showcase.


Tribes is a production of Flixseed Productions. Produced by DeStorm Power, Adam Waheed, and Jake Hunter as well as Patricia Chica (Montreal Girls) and Jeion Green. Executive produced by Will Meldman of Double Down Picturesand Jordan Taylor Wright of Taylor Cut Films. Post by Digital Jungle PostProduction.




Behind the Scenes:




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