Marc ter Stegen discovers the CUPRA Born, his first fully electric car


Martorell, 14.12.2021 – Marc ter Stegen is about to get into the CUPRA Born for the first time. The brand’s first 100% electric model will also be the first electric car for the Barça goalie. It’s an important moment for this staunch advocate of sustainability, but before handing him the keys, CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths has something to show him – the place where the CUPRA Born was created where some of the best-kept secrets of the brand’s future are kept.


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-Where emotions are crafted. In the heart of Barcelona, at CASA SEAT, Griffiths accompanies Ter Stegen through the large doors of the Design Lab, one of CUPRA’s design centres and one of the brand’s most confidential facilities. As he enters, the German footballer can’t help but remark: “This place is so hidden, what goes on in this room?” “This is where our designers work to inspire the world from Barcelona, in this fantastic secret space in the centre of the city” the CUPRA CEO tells him. To give him more insights into the design of the CUPRA Born, Francesca Sangalli, Head of CUPRA’s Color&Trim Concept&Strategy, joins the two.

-Sustainability inside and out. Ter Stegen got to see some of the CUPRA moodboards hanging on the walls of the Design Lab, the restricted area where the brand’s designs are created. “And this is where you collect everything to help you make decisions?” Ter Stegen asks. “This is how we get inspired: photos, ideas, nature… we group the visual ideas on these panels to create the concept” Sangalli explains. One of the key points in the design of the Born was the aim to create a car that was not only sustainable because of its 100% electric mobility, but also because of its finishes. “We used fibres from recycled material collected in the Mediterranean to make the seats, thanks to a collaboration with SEAQUAL®” says the designer. “It’s very interesting. It’s a great idea to reuse that kind of material because there’s way too much of it in the sea” says Ter Stegen.

-The keys to electric excitement. The time has finally come for Ter Stegen to get into his new car. The CUPRA Born awaits him next to the Golden Steering Wheel award that the model recently won for best compact electric car. “Marc, when we first met you asked me when CUPRA was going to launch an electric car” Wayne Griffiths reminds him. “And here it is now!” Ter Stegen replies. He adds: “My son will be super happy it’s blue.” “The way I see it, the design of the Born shows that electric cars don’t have to be boring, they can also be sporty” says the CUPRA CEO. The Barça goalkeeper now has the keys to his CUPRA Born and is ready for the most electrifying emotions behind the wheel. As he climbs in, Griffiths points to the 12-inch floating screen slightly facing the driver’s seat: “At CUPRA we make cars for people who love driving, so the whole driving experience is designed around the driver.” He concludes: “You’ll be the first person to take this car into the streets of Barcelona.” “That way you’ll always recognise me!” laughs Ter Stegen.

Source: CUPRA