Maria Allred’s Eclectic Debut Feature ‘The Texture Of Falling’ Questions the Boundaries Between Life and Art


(Los Angeles, CA) – January 15th, 2018.  Maria Allred Films is delighted to introduce director Maria Allred’s debut feature film The Texture of FallingStarring Julie Webb,  Benjamin FarmerPatrick D. Green, and Allred herself in one of the leading roles, the film is a testament to this visionary filmmaker’s unconventional approach to storytelling. The Texture of Falling presents a story that blurs the lines between – reality and fiction, process and exposition – in a very experiential fashion. The movie recently had its World Premiere in Spain at the Marbella International Film Festival where it received a nomination for Best Director.


In The Texture of Falling, the lives of a filmmaker (Webb), pianist (Green), painter (Allred), and architect (Farmer) collide and intertwine in a multilayered tale of love, art, violence, and power dynamics that ultimately asks, what is real?





Wishing to explore the fine line that art travels between reality and fiction, the visionary director uses what she refers to as ‘process oriented filmmaking’, Allred describes her method as follows:


“A unique style of filmmaking which is based in Jungian principles and goes beyond dialogical improvisation in that the subterranean interpersonal dynamics that arose in the creation of the film informed the content of the film. Due to this approach, in the making of Texture, and the end product, there was and is a perpetual dance with truth and fiction—life and art.”


As an exploration in both theme and process, Maria Allred’s complex film brings up many questions surrounding love, passion, and purpose. Not the least of which is its take on the duality between power and submissiveness.


In a unique feminist position, Allred presents a non-binary contribution to the conversation of sexuality and power dynamics implicit in the film industry. In The Texture of Falling production, she is the most powerful figure, and in its story she is the most subjugated.


“As females we can simultaneously be powerful and vulnerable,” she says. “I’m presenting my sexuality, not for sensationalist purposes or because I think I’m hot and want to be on screen, far from it. I’m offering it as a stance of my own position—that I ultimately own and am empowered in, artistically and practically, my own body, identity, and sexuality. I feel this is particularly important at this watershed moment in the industry and society at large, where the conversation of abuse of power and gender inequality is at the fore.” 


The Texture of Falling’s intimate cast includes a group of friends from Allred’s native Portland, OR: Julie Webb (Louisa), Benjamin Farmer (Michael), Patrick D. Green (Luke), Donny Persons (Ati), Damien Genardi (Anthony), and Maria Allred (Sylvia).


The Texture of Falling is a Maria Allred Films Production. Written and Directed by Maria Allred; Producers Maria AllredDamien Genardi and Julie Webb; Executive Producers Michael Janicki and James Rothenberger; Associate Producers Blake Martin and Bassem Kudsi; Cinematographer Maria Allred; Production Designer Maria Allred; Editor Maria Allred; Costume Designers Maria Allred and Julie Webb; Music Composer Daniel Riddle; Music supervisor Denny Swofford.



About the Director:


Maria Allred is an independent filmmaker who resides and creates in Portland, OR. The Texture of Falling is her first feature film in the making of which she took on an impressive number of roles including writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, art director, lead actor, and main investor, just to name a few.


In her new career as a filmmaker she has had three short films with television premieres on OPB’s Oregon Lens and one on Oregon Art Beat. She graduated from Portland State University in 2012 with a B.S. in Liberal Arts, focus on film. Since childhood, Maria has passionately studied painting, poetry, creative non-fiction, and various forms of dance. In addition, for nearly a decade, she’s studied Jungian philosophy with author and therapist Paul Levy.  Not coincidentally, her filmmaking— strongly informed by visual art, music, and movement—is poetic, symbolic, and visually driven.


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