Mario Bava Documentary Arriving 2022

How can one man be so influential to cinema and so shamefully neglected at the same time? Mario Bava– The Godfather of Modern Horror, which features commentary from today’s leading filmmakers, takes audiences on a cinema odyssey exploring the wildly creative films of Italian filmmaker Mario Bava, celebrating his innovation and rebellion within the horror genre that influenced a whole generation of filmmakers such as Martin ScorseseRidley ScottFrancis Ford Coppola, and Quentin Tarantino.

Mario Bava
Mario Bava Documentary Arriving 2022

Produced by NAOR International, Emmy winner, Rex Edit, and Heilman Productions, principal production on Mario Bava– The Godfather of Modern Horror has commenced and will reveal the wild successes as well as the quiet struggles of Bava as he navigated an industry of tight budgets and tighter deadlines to create master works of film that make your skin crawl. The production will have never before access to Mr. Alfredo Leone, who was one of Mario Bava’s executive producers and the Bava family.

Alfredo Leone himself is co-executive producer of the documentary. “He was that far ahead of his time. Genius.” Leone continues, “but the people really didn’t recognize that then, it was later, that he became the legend.”



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