Master Chefs of France Curate California-Inspired Dishes for San Francisco Gathering

 American Pistachio Growers (APG) recently teamed up with renowned Master Chefs of France Gerald Hirigoyen, Laurent Manrique and Roland Passot for the upcoming Master Chefs of FranceConference in San Francisco. The Master Chefs will create pistachio recipes inspired by the healthy California lifestyle using fresh, flavorful California ingredients. The chefs uphold the culture of France through their cooking, reminding the culinary community that French cooking doesn’t have to be rich to be delicious.


Master Chefs of France is an envied title that many chefs aspire to have; the organization aims to preserve and promote French culinary arts, encourage training in cuisine and assist in professional development. The process to become a Master Chef of France includes rigorous training and examination, ensuring only the most talented culinary artists who are French nationals earn the title.

Master Chef Hirigoyen handcrafted a delectable pistachio gazpacho with watermelon and cucumber. He spends his free time scoping out new paths on his mountain bike, and his philosophy on healthy cooking is simple: you have to use the best ingredients. Because of this, he regards California pistachios as a quintessential element in many of his dishes.

“Health-wise, pistachios are a beautiful nut in terms of what they contain. The potassium, antioxidants, fiber, and so forth…and they have a lot of versatility from a chef’s perspective. There are so many things you can do with pistachios that add nice visuals, flavor and nutritional benefits,” said Master Chef Hirigoyen.

As for Master Chef Manrique, who is a recipient of two Michelin stars and a Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit, he has a passion for hiking that allows him to appreciate pistachios both in and outside of the kitchen. While he certainly uses the nut to add interest and texture to dishes, such as his tartare of fresh beets and pistachios with thyme goat cheese cream, Manrique also relies on pistachios to provide energy while exploring new trails.

To further demonstrate their dedication to superior ingredients that fuel healthy lifestyles, the Master Chefs were highlighted in a short video featuring their meals alongside their favorite outdoor activities.

In celebration of the California locale of the Maitre Cuisinier de France USA Conference, Master Chefs of France created recipes using California pistachios, which are grown throughout the state. The chefs featured in the video include Gerald Hirigoyen, Laurent Manrique and Roland Passot, all of whom have established themselves as one of the greatest chefs who have brought delicious French cuisine to America.

The Maitre Cuisinier de France USA Conference will take place in San Francisco on June 15 – 18. To learn more about the participating chefs including Daniel Boulud, who built a culinary empire resulting in a Michelin-starred flagship in NYC, and Eric Ripert, who has three Michelin stars and has firmly established himself as one of New York’s – and the world’s – great chefs, please visit To learn more about Maitre Cuisinier de France USA, please visit


SOURCE American Pistachio Growers

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