A new STEM Global Action Today article tells the incredible story of Mason Mackie, a young Black youth who is mastering STEM, academics and acting. Already, Mason has appeared in movies, Body Cam and The Banker, and is tied for #1 in his class at the challenging Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy.  

Mason, 17, is the nephew of actor Anthony Mackie, the first Black Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Mason is on his way to superstardom. His father is STEM education icon, Dr. Calvin Mackie, who altered his teaching approach to attract a broader range of students after Mason started losing enthusiasm for STEM a few years ago.

“It was a learning experience, for sure,” says Dr. Mackie in the article. “I love my sons.  I had to open my eyes to see that Mason would be using STEM differently from the rest of the family.  But it was a great thing. This experience helped me develop programming that for other kids who had interests that were adjacent to STEM.”

From an early age, Mason traveled down two paths. He attended summer science camps, but he also enjoyed theater and drama programs. A compromise reached with his father had him delivering opening speeches at STEM NOLA events, as well as appearing on television shows and on their STEM Saturday videos. With the support of his family, Mason’s theatric work has blossomed into appearances in commercials and major movies. 

“My devotion to STEM all those years is paying off,” Mason says. “For the first time, I could really see how the science, technology, engineering and math really marinated and joined with my passion for using my voice, speaking and theater. My dad really sat down and explained to me that I could understand so many different things in the world because of what I had been doing with STEM. And that’s when it really opened my eyes to the whole picture.”

His mother, Tracy Mackie, said that Mason is very disciplined and excels at managing his time. She called him” a natural born leader,” who sets goals for himself and achieves them.

“My Mase is an amazing young man,” gleams Mrs. Mackie.  “He is energetic, thoughtful, compassionate, inquisitive, very smart and a lot of fun. He can bust some smooth dance moves, recite lines from Shakespeare, and take you to the hole playing basketball. He genuinely enjoys competing and winning math competitions throughout New Orleans. He loved competing in academic game competitions. His favorite subject this year is physics. He loves acting and has been cast in commercials, plays and movies since the age of six. He is a 21st century renaissance young man in the making.” 

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The First Family of STEM: Mason Mackie, Dr. Calvin Mackie, Tracy Mackie and Myles Mackie

In 2013, Dr. Calvin Mackie founded STEM NOLA, a New Orleans-based, non-profit committed to expanding STEM education at churches, community centers and schools, particularly in under-resourced communities. His goal is to make STEM education available in ALL communities. In July 2021, Dr. Mackie launched STEM Global Action, a campaign and network of affiliates, including STEM NOLA, that advances STEM education for children, parents and communities across the U.S., and abroad.  Dr. Mackie hosts the Let’s Talk STEM with Dr. Calvin Mackie podcast series featuring insightful interviews with guests from all aspects of STEM – entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders and students.


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