MindScopic announces new round of funding as it develops its groundbreaking nootropic supplements range


MAASTRICHT, Netherlands — MindScopic, the Netherlands-based provider of natural supplements and nutraceuticals, today announced a new round of capital investment as it continues to develop its unique nootropic brands.

The investor in this round is a fund based in Belgium that mainly works with companies in the SpaceTech, BioTech and FoodTech industries. The new funding comes as MindScopic ramps up production to meet increasing demand, as more people become aware of this brand of natural supplements.



MindScopic’s Peak Performance Package, consisting of Clear Focus, MoodMaster and the Sleepwell Spray

Nootropics are nutritional supplements that improve the way our brains function. They include herbs, amino acids and vitamins that support the optimal functioning of our brain in a natural way.

Nootropics work by improving your cognitive functions – such as memory and concentration. They also regulate the functioning of the nervous system and help to stabilize your mood. This leads to, among other things, less stress or mental fatigue, improved mood, and a better quality of sleep.

Nootropic supplements are used by a broad range of people. The majority of the company’s clientele are entrepreneurs, top athletes, students and health enthusiasts – although nootropics are also starting to attract people with busy lifestyles who want to put their health first.

MindScopic’s range of nootropics go through a stringent testing process. An external lab verifies the scientific basis of the raw materials, while a university verifies the finished product. The company has a particular focus on maintaining a strict protocol of quality, safety, effectiveness and purity. All products are vegan, GMO free, and produced in a GMP certified environment.

At the forefront of MindScopic’s range is the award-winning CLEAR FOCUS, a natural supplement that improves mental performance, such as focus, memory and motivation. Other products include MOODMASTER, a powerful supplement for reducing stress and improving your mood, and SLEEPWELL SPRAY, which improves your sleep in a natural way.

“Last year we managed to double our turnover. Today we closed a new round of capital which will be used for research at leading European universities, new product developments and strengthening our team. In short: the best is yet to come!” said Koen Indesteege, Founder of MindScopic.

For further details visit: www.mindscopic.com


SOURCE MindScopic

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