A Must Watch at the Oaxaca FilmFest: The Song of Sway Lake

A lush drama by award-winning director Ari Gold. ***To screen at the Foundation’s Opening Night***

(Mexico City, Mexico) ‚Äď September 5th, 2017.¬†Oaxaca FilmFest¬†is proud to announce the Latin American Premiere of¬†Ari Gold‚Äôs sophomore feature¬†The Song of Sway Lake,¬†a lush romantic drama starring¬†Rory Culkin¬†(Signs,¬†Scream 4),¬†Robert Sheehan¬†(Misfits,¬†Peter Jackson‚Äôs¬†Mortal Engines, Geostorm),¬†Mary Beth Peil¬†(Tony-nominated for this year‚Äôs Broadway hit,¬†Anastasia), and the late¬†Elizabeth Pe√Īa¬†(Lone Star, La Bamba). The film will open during the prestigious¬†Foundation Night¬†at the Teatro Ju√°rez, and will be presented again on the festival‚Äôs Closing Night.


Oaxaca Filmfest received over 7000 submissions from 118 countries this year. The Song of Sway Lake is among the top 1% of the selected films in competition for Best Global Feature.



Friday, October 6th at 7pm – Foundation Opening Night – Teatro Ju√°rez.

Monday, October 9th at 9pm РCinépolis 2.

Tuesday, October 10th at 3pm РCinépolis 1.

Wednesday, October 11th at 7pm РCinépolis Sala Arte (pre-Closing Night screening).

Screenings will be followed by a Q&A with director Ari Gold.


The Song of Sway Lake is the story of a young jazz collector, Ollie Sway, who plots to steal a valuable 78 record from his grandmother’s glamorous lake house. His plan is derailed when his accomplice, Nikolai, falls for the matriarch herself, and the vinyl record is nowhere to be found. In this summer adventure on Sway Lake, one song can answer the deepest riddles about love and death Рfor whomever of these three lost souls finds it first.




‚ÄúI feel a spirit calling me to Oaxaca. This will be my first time premiering a film in Latin America,‚Ä̬†says director Ari Gold whose previous film,¬†Adventures of Power,has over 50,000 Facebook fans in Mexico alone.


The Song of Sway Lake¬†is directed by¬†Ari Gold; Written by Ari Gold and¬†Elizabeth Bull; Produced by¬†Michael Bederman,¬†Zak Kilberg,¬†Allison Carter, and Ari Gold. Original Music and Songs by¬†Ethan Gold, performed by¬†John Grant¬†andThe Staves. Starring:¬†Rory Culkin¬†(Ollie),¬†Robert Sheehan¬†(Nikolai),¬†Mary Beth Peil¬†(Charlie Sway),¬†Isabelle McNally¬†(Isadora),¬†Jack Falahee¬†(Jimmy),¬†Brian Dennehy¬†(Hal Sway), and the late¬†Elizabeth Pe√Īa¬†(Marlena).

The Song of Sway Lake continues to travel the circuit, with numerous festivals to be announced soon.

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