Mysterious Stephen King Novel Adaptation MUTE Calls On Sins And Confession In A Suspenseful 22-Minute Short

(London, UK) – October 20th, 2021. The London Rocks Film Festival will be hosting the World Premiere of Stephen King’s MUTE short film adaptation directed by Kyle Dunbar and starring veteran actor Andrew Bee. Bee exudes gravitas and mystery in the leading role of MuteMonette, a recently separated book salesman who confides his grim story to both a priest and a hitchhiker, looking for absolution.


The chilling short explores the complication of middle-aged marriage and the mental distortion resulting from sins and confessions. MUTE delves into the territory of somber human behavior, making the story a fascinating psychological thriller.

Inspired by hitchhiker tales, director Kyle Dubar clicked with Stephen King’s original short tale Mute. “I really wanted to execute the first feeling I had from reading the novel Mute and I didn’t want to overthink pace or style. Adapting Stephen King’s work is no easy doing, but being a devout fan I wanted to make one of his stories and render it justice with the right cast,” says director Kyle Dunbar.

“I love the character of Monette and I wanted to convey someone who just has to let his shit out, so the emotions are all over the place. Monette has so much dialogue and the challenge for me was to kind of let it go wherever it was going,”adds actor Andrew Bee.

MUTE, based upon a short story by Stephen King. Written for the screen & directed by Kyle Dunbar. Starring Andrew Bee (Monette), Christian Tribuzio(The Priest), Alexandre Stoupenkov (The Hitchhiker), Rebecca Callender(Kelsie Ann), Laura Shanter (Barbara), and Marvin Holland (Cowboy Bob). Produced by Rebecca Callender & Kyle Dunbar. Executive Producer Andrew Bee. Cinematography by Roman Lapshin. Film Editor Rebecca Callender. Music by Nathaniel Reynolds-Welsh.

For more information about MUTE, please follow the links below:

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Source: Pendle Films

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