Nature’s One Leads Baby Food & Formula Category by Eliminating Toxins

Nature’s One Dedication to Remove Toxic Heavy Metals from Children’s Food Featured on CBS Mornings

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LEWIS CENTER, Ohio — For nearly 25 years, Nature’s One has consciously committed to purity in their formulas and foods through ingredient sourcing and the use of filtration technology. It is the company’s mission to make the purest and most nutritious organic baby formulas and foods available. Nature’s One’s relentless commitment to purity caught the attention of CBS Mornings’ correspondent, Anna Werner, who recently interviewed Nature’s One CEO and Founder Jay Highman about the company’s products, ingredient purity, and their new facility dedicated to organic nutritional products for children. Click here to view the CBS World News Story in its entirety.

More Contaminants Found in Baby Food

After today’s release of yet another congressional report exposing the alarming number of toxic contaminants found in many popular formulas and baby foods, Highman understands parents’ concern and outrage. “In a 2012 study released by Dartmouth University, my small company first learned of arsenic in brown rice. Arsenic is naturally found in farming soil, and we quickly learned rice easily absorbs arsenic. Nature’s One was blindsided by the news – we had failed our parents; I was outraged with myself,” Highman says.

From that day forward, Nature’s One sharpened its focus on “purity and nutrition” for all of its products. Highman adds, “We want to support the optimal growth and development of today’s babies, not distract from their critical development in a period where harmful chemicals and toxins will disrupt the process.”  He says, “When a company genuinely wants to make the safest foods for children, they are able to successfully reduce or eliminate harmful toxins — it is a choice every company should make.” Highman continues, “I don’t wait for the government to lead me to that destination. It’s up to me to have a conscience for my consumer. It costs us more to go through this process, but is there really a price you wouldn’t pay to remove a toxin that is harmful to children during their critical developmental years or later in life? I say no!”

The Nature’s One Pathway to Purity

Today, Nature’s One focuses on avoiding synthetic ingredients where possible, and refuses to use ingredients processed with harsh chemicals like hexane (a known neurotoxin used to process vegetable oils and important fatty acids used in infant formulas) Highman says, “We take a rather simple, no marketing-hype approach to baby formula ingredients: the ingredients should be easy to understand, sourced for purity, complete in nutrition, and avoid synthetics where possible.”

In the interview, Werner also provides a glimpse into the Nature’s One new state-of-the-art, $40 million facility dedicated to organic nutrition for babies and children. It is the first and only facility in the world designed to make smaller, craft-style batches of baby formula that ensure the highest quality control. The CBS Mornings team followed Highman through the facility where he shared details on the company’s commitment to product purity. Highman explained that every detail in a formula’s scientific development, from the cleanliness of the facility and environmental monitoring to the sourcing and meticulous testing of ingredients, are all part of his vision to achieve the highest levels of quality. He summarizes the company’s simple goal by saying, “We want to help each ‘baby human’ be the best they can be by providing the most pure, nutritious baby formula at a reasonable price. It is our social responsibility as a company to achieve these goals.”

What Should Parents Do?

When asked what a caregiver should do after hearing these reports of toxins, Highman explained, “I would start fresh by reviewing the Clean Label Project’s website and choosing products and brands that have been recognized for their commitment to purity.” The Clean Label Project is an independent, third-party, nonprofit organization dedicated to educating consumers to the real facts behind a brand’s ingredients. Many of the brands, like Nature’s One, are not found on supermarket shelves due to a high cost of entry imposed by retailers. However, their products can be easily sourced and purchased online.

About Nature’s One:

Founded in 1997, Nature’s One introduced the first organic formula, Baby’s Only® Organic in the United States and continues to be a leader in organic pediatric nutrition. Nature’s One has spent nearly 25 years dedicating its resources to the research, development, and sourcing of pure ingredients to use in products for children. Recognized as the highest-ranked formulas for purity and nutritional superiority by the Clean Label Project, Baby’s Only® Formulas are preferred by parents who want to offer their child a Better Start…for Life™. Other brands made by Nature’s One include PediaSmart® Complete Organic Nutritional Beverage, PediaVance® Electrolyte Solution, and Mom’s Only™ Prenatal Support Nutritional Shake. All products are sold online by Nature’s One at, and both Baby’s Only® Formulas and PediaSmart® Beverages are sold by natural food retailers nationally.

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