New comet could brighten the skies in May 2022


Discovered back in July 2021, a comet is approaching our inner solar system and could possibly reach binocular visibility by late April and early May 2022.
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Designated C/2021 O3 it is an Oort cloud comet that was discovered on 26 July 2021 by the Pan-STARRS sky survey.

It will come to perihelion on 21 April 2022 at 0.287 AU (42.9 million km). from the Sun. It might reach apparent magnitude 5-7 by late April 2022, but will only be 15 degrees from the Sun.[3][4] C/2021 O3 will make its closest approach to Earth on 8 May 2022 at a distance of 0.60 AU (90 million km).[5] As a dynamically new comet from the Oort cloud there is a high risk of disintegration.

C/2021 O3 probably took millions of years to arrive from the outer Oort cloud and may be ejected from the Solar System.

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