“No Surfboard in the Saloon”: Waveyard teams up with Kandle to create a mesmerizing and mystical debut video.


(Montreal, QC) – July 10, 2018. Montreal’s Neo Surf band Waveyard teams up with long time friend Kandle Osborne to create a mesmerizing debut music video for their song No Surfboard in the Saloon. The black and white mystical video, starring Vancouver-based go-go dancer Tess Ananda, is now playing on YouTube.



“‘No Surfboard in the Saloon’ is a song that mixes surf music with a vibe inspired by the Spaghetti Western scores of the sixties,” says Waveyard’s composer and lead guitar player David Deïas. “I imagined a big brawl confronting surfers and cowboys at a Saloon in the Wild West, when the surfers are forbidden from entering the premises with their surfboards.”


“The first time I heard ‘No Surfboard in the Saloon’ by Waveyard, the vision of a young woman, distraught and needing to escape, flashed through my mind,” says Kandle Osborne, who directed the music video. “I saw her dancing into the ocean, moving desperately, as if to whirl away pain, and honor a recently deceased loved one, represented by the Day of the Dead make-up. There was no budget, no crew, just passion.” she concludes.


The music video was directed, filmed and edited by Kandle Osborne in her hometown Victoria, BC and features professional go-go dancer Tess Ananda, who, even with a broken nose, was inspired to dance her heart out freely, while Kandle chased her with a handheld camera.


About Waveyard:

Waveyard is the neo-surf musical project of David Deïas, a French musician based in Montreal, Canada who is also known for playing the drums on local bands Kandle, Yardlets and cult rock n’ roll group Mystik Motorcycles.


Mixing original guitar riffs with wavy exotic rhythms, Waveyard’s sixties-inspired melodic tunes pull their influences from B-Movies, Spaghetti Westerns, and retro Hawaiian songs.


Their first album Where Did the Waves Go?  was released in 2017 exclusively on K7 and digital. So… Wavey! the second album is set to be released in September 2018. Get on the surf board now and ride the waves with Waveyard!


Waveyard’s next show will be at L’Esco in Montreal, opening for Les Marinellis’ on July 14th.


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