`Oumuamua The Interstellar Visitor

Interstellar asteroid

A small object designated 1I/2017 U1 visited our solar system a few weeks ago, giving astronomers data to scrutinize. The object has been given a name, ‘Oumuamua. Astronomers believe that it must have travel through space for millions of years before its chance encounter with our star system.

Some astronomers at the Pan STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii first believed  the object was a comet when they first spotted it on October 19.

Others thought it looked like a typical fast-moving small asteroid.

As they tracked its motion through space, astronomers were able to calculate its orbit. It showed beyond any doubt that this body did not originate from inside our solar system.

The conclusion of the findings from the data is that ‘Oumuamua is a dark, highly elongated, rocky object with high metal content. It is the first known interstellar asteroid to enter our solar system.

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