Peccadillo Pictures picks up thriller “B&B” after Best LGBT Film win at the London Independent Film Festival.

(London, UK) – April 27th, 2017.  Suspense thriller B&B, written and directed by BAFTA-nominated Joe Ahearne (Trance, The Replacement, Doctor Who) and produced by Jayne Chard (Dartmoor KillingI’ll Tell You), won Best LGBT Film at the London Independent Film Festival. Distributor Peccadillo Pictures picked up the UK and Ireland rights after its World Premiere at the festival. International rights are still available.

Marc and Fred went to war when they were refused a double bed at a remote Christian guest house. They won in court and now they’re back to claim their conjugal rights. Triumph turns to terror when a Russian neo-Nazi checks in. 



“I wanted to do a thriller in the Hitchcock vein but with gay characters making the wrong choices and getting terrified out of their wits. B&B goes beyond the gay relationship movie. It’s a thriller with a married couple at the centre, something I haven’t seen before,” says writer/director Joe Ahearne.

“B&B is a very different kind of gay film and a brutally funny thriller,” adds producer Jayne Chard.

The couple is played by Tom Bateman (Kenneth Branagh’s Murder On The Orient Express, Amy Schumer’s Snatched) and Sean Teale (Bryan Singer’s Gifted, Ben Affleck’s Incorporated), and the B&B owner is played by Paul McGann (Withnail & IDoctor Who).

B&B has just played in competition at the ECU Independent Film Festival in Paris and is also playing in competition at the MIFO LGBT Festival in Miami, OUT Film CTin Connecticut and a number of other festivals.

B&B is a Hummingbird Films production funded by Creative EnglandFilm Cymru, and Pont Neuf Productions. Director of Photography Nick Dance; Production Designer Iain Andrews; Editor Graham Walker; Music Dan Jones and Simon Birch;Executive Producers Jon Finn, Richard Holmes, Ricky Margolis, Simon Graham-Clare, Hannah Thomas; Co-Producer Isabelle Georgeaux.

To find out more about B&B, upcoming screenings, and its creators, please check the film’s official website or the or the production company’s official website

Twitter: @JayneChard


Hashtag: #BnBFilm

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