Phoenix City Council Approves Public Transit Resources for the Most Vulnerable


The Phoenix city council voted unanimously today to approve $1 million to help residents in need with the cost of riding public transit.

The city will use federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to purchase more than 31,000 monthly transit passes.  The move significantly increases the number of reduced-fare passes for those passengers in need experiencing financial or other difficulties.

Under the program, city staff will work through existing city programs and in partnership with local nonprofit organizations to distribute transit passes to populations identified by city council, such as working families, community college students and public housing residents.

The passes are valid fare for use on bus and light rail routes throughout the region and will consist of monthly (31-day) passes.

Council members praised the move as one step in ensuring Phoenix communities have more access to public transit to get to jobs, education opportunities and other appointments they may have.  ​​


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