Post Brutal Sneaks in Covert Missions to its Latest Update

[] London, United Kingdom –  Post Brutal, the post-apocalyptic RPG, receives the first of many planned free content updates, with Covert Missions: a new, stealth focused game mode, free to all players.


Covert Missions will see players take on one of 4 available mission types and undertake espionage, hostage rescue, assassination, or sabotage objectives; each with multiple solutions and multiple approaches, but it’s up to the player how they get to grips with completing their mission: Whether they’re dedicated to the art of infiltration, or to making as big and as bloody a scene as possible.

The latest update also increases the level cap to 30, and adds two new skills for players to unlock: the Medic skill reworks the health system and allows players to upgrade their efficiency when healing, while Explosives is an active skill that introduces the ability to plant C4 on surfaces as deadly incendiary proximity traps, hurling away all those caught in the blast like rag dolls, in all new, physics based explosion models.

Covert Missions are available as part of version 1.2 of Post Brutal, which is available now. Previous updates have introduced better graphics for the player character, an improved FaceRoom system complete with hairstyle options and better head geometry, as well as a whole host of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes. Version 1.2 of Post Brutal sees the start of consistent game expansions, with more maps and missions on the way, as well as major updates for the visuals and core aspects of the game, currently in the works.

Post Brutal has a mature age rating and is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now.