Public School Advocacy Foundation CEO Issues Statement on Gun Violence

RADNOR, Pa. /PRNewswire/ — Following the 17th school-involved shooting incident in the US, Endre Jarraux Walls, CEO of The Franklin Foundation for Innovation, a non-profit public foundation, pens an open letter to America’s parents, students, and members of government.

In his letter, the father of 4 (2 attend public schools in PA), offers a call for a balanced approach to ensuring the protection of students in our public schools. “I am an avid sportsman and owner of several weapons for sport. Trained by an NRA-certified trainer, I believe strongly in the importance of the 2nd Amendment. I’m also a father of four, with a 17-year-old junior daughter and 5-year-old kindergartner in public schools. Like every parent, I lose sleep over the idea that I could lose one of my school-age children tomorrow because someone else decided to make it so. But as a father, one of the most important lessons I teach my children is the power of strategy over reaction,” Walls says.

With a significant focus today on politics, the NRA, conservatives versus liberals, and protests on both sides, the young CEO promotes the idea of having “everyone do their jobs” which precludes turning public school educators into in-school police officers, and calls for congressional, state, and school board leaders to take the necessary steps to ensure “schools have the right tools, technology, and processes” in place to make students feel safe and keep learning unencumbered.

The Foundation’s Director of Public Policy, Nicholas Marn, said, “This issue is more about making sure students learn to be tomorrow’s leaders without fear of dying too soon than it is about politics or guns. We have a job to do here, we must get it done for their sake.”

Walls’ entire open letter can be found at

About The Franklin Foundation for Innovation: The Franklin Foundation for Innovation is a 501(c)(3) public foundation dedicated to ensuring all children have access to a high-quality public school education regardless of where they live or the circumstances within which they were born.

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The Franklin Foundation for Innovation
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SOURCE The Franklin Foundation for Innovation

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