Re-visiting CUPIC Continues with Squawker Sightings

As production/ post production continues on the final season of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator, we will post episodes from seasons one and two.

Today we present you with episode four from season one, “Squawker Sightings”…

What is a Squawker anyway? A half man, bird-like creature that stands about six feet tall, whose job as it seems is to scare the local folks in small Oregon towns… Think of it as El Chupacabra or Mothman, without the goat sucking or dark under tones of either. Squawker is the name given to the creature by those very locals because of the sounds that it reportedly made. Upscale locals in Scottsdale, Arizona have reported seeing the bird-man…

Footnote: Actor Mike Sliwa, Gavin Leoni, once told me that there are two constants to the current CUPIC series, the whooshing sound between scenes and Squawker… Who asked him anyway 😉



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