Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins Are Out to Prove they are the Official Pumpkins of Halloween

Reese’s brand created the first-ever chocolate and peanut butter pumpkin patch outside of the famous Halloween-town, Salem, MA

Thanks to the Reese’s brand, pumpkin picking will never be the same. In true Reese’s brand fashion, the brand created the most epic pumpkin patch you’ve ever seen, filled with Reese’s Pumpkins. We asked visitors which would they rather pick: an orange gourd full of seeds and pulp or a Reese’s Pumpkin coated in chocolate and full of peanut butter?

“When we think of pumpkins, we think of that chocolate and peanut butter perfection…so we wanted to find out if it was just us here at the Reese’s brand,” said Clark Boyer, Senior Manager of Halloween.

Reese’s Pumpkin Patch
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