‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse on Thursday Morning (video)



On June 10, the new moon will move in front of the sun and will become 2021’s first solar eclipse. It will not cover the sun completely because it is too far from us here on Earth to become a total eclipse.

The event will produce a bright annulus, or a ring that will surround the new moon’s silhouette at mid-eclipse. Even though it is a partial eclipse, it will be dramatic.

From much of North America, people will see the sun in eclipse at sunrise on Thursday morning, June 10.

Northerly and easterly states in the U.S. have the best view. And with any solar eclipse, including annular, you will need to wear eye protection to watch safely.

Watching the eclipse without eye protection will cause eye damage. The best and the safest way to watch the eclipse is live online at Virtual Telescope TV.





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