Sentrx Animal Care Partners with Provet to Launch First Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Eye Lubricant for Dogs and Cats in Australia

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SALT LAKE CITY /PRNewswire/ — We are pleased to announce that Provet® has partnered with SentrxTM Animal Care as the exclusive distributor representing the patented crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid BioHAnce® brand of products in in Australia.

Effective September 28, 2022 Sentrx ophthalmology products: Ocunovis™ BioHAnce™ Gel Eye DropsOculenis™ BioHAnce™ Ocular Barrier Gel will be available through Provet® to all authorized veterinary customers.

All Sentrx products feature patented and clinically proven BioHAnce technology of which millions of doses have been sold globally to veterinarians*. This partnership allows veterinarians in Australia to prescribe the first and only formulation with cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA). The cross-linking of BioHAnce provides the longest lasting ocular lubrication on the market. That promotes consistency of the tear film and enhances the eye’s ability to maintain hydration.

“The benefits of topical hyaluronic acid (HA) use are well known within the global veterinary ophthalmology community, so it is exciting to be launching the first HA-based eye drops for companion animals in Australia”, said Brian Segebrecht, Chief Executive Officer of Sentrx. “However, doing so with BioHAnce is even more exciting. The patented cross-linking of BioHAnce™ only elevates the benefits of HA, and Sentrx continues to generate more and more exciting clinical data supporting these benefits.” 

Sentrx Animal Care is committed to the well-being of companion animals with novel ocular products that provide exceptional comfort. Additionally, Sentrx is dedicated to increased ophthalmologic education and research that helps serve the needs of the veterinary profession.

*Represents the various eye and wound care products under various brands globally that incorporated the corresponding version of the patented BioHAnce technology.

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About Provet

Provet, a subsidiary of Covetrus, is the leading animal health distribution company in Australasia. Established in 1982 by a small group of veterinarians, Provet has helped build the industry through commitment, initiative, and experience.

About SentrX™  Animal Care, Inc.

SentrX is a veterinary medical device company that develops and manufactures veterinary wound care and ophthalmic products for companion animals. SentrX transforms complex biotechnologies into easy-to-use care solutions that promote the long-term well-being of animals.

SentrX was founded on technology from the University of Utah and collaborates with a variety of veterinary academic institutions and practicing veterinarians. The company’s unique combination of medicinal chemistry, bioengineering, and product manufacturing capabilities allow it to deliver cutting-edge animal care solutions.

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