Singer/Songwriter Darrell Kelley Releases Newest Album “Take Your Knees Off Our Necks”, In Response to the Police Brutality in America.

ATLANTA — Darrell Kelley had an awesome album release party on August 7, 2021. This was an unforgettable release party — something that you will never forget or imagine in a lifetime.

The release party was private and that was done on purpose because he did not want any paparazzi or media to attend; however, Mr. Kelley went public with this unbelievable coffin on August 8, 2021.

Album: Take Your Knees Off Our Necks

This was a breath-taking experience. The coffin had speakers — LOUD SPEAKERS — everywhere with so many names all over the coffin. Names of people who died because of police Brutality in America.

Darrell Kelley said, “When you see this coffin you’ll hear the message and remember what has happened to these black and brown people. Many people have died because of police brutality.” He continues to say, “they will listen now.”

Darrell Kelley

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SOURCE Viral Records LLC

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