Smash or Be Smashed with SMASH BALL- Do You Have the Balls?


Introducing SMASH BALL a high-speed action sports game for PC, console and mobile released by gaming titan Game Pill, who has worked with over 100+ game titles for brands like Viacom, Disney, Discovery Networks, Google and others. SMASH BALL can be played with or against friends in a 1v1 / 2v2 hybrid of arcade-style ping pong, using customizable mech athletes. Destroy your opponents: launch rockets, throw sticky bombs, and choose your parts to suit your play style. Manage your team, resources, and booster cards to retain sponsors, grow your fan base and win. SMASH BALL allows smaller streamers to stand out and allows players to compete daily in tournaments that take place in 20 minutes or less.

With iconic characters like Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda, Barbie, SpongeBob and countless others, Game Pill realizes the power of talent comes with great ideas, so they scour for the best art, programming and design talent. As a team, they conceptualize, test and execute on top line ideas and iterate based on data. Founded by dynamic duo, Mike and VP Mary Sorrenti, the game strives to help players feel like they are athletes, similar to an F1 driver or professional may feel daily.

Mike previously worked for Warner bros and Paramount moonlighting in order to make more creatively challenging content. After branching off into a non-traditional journey to game development and producing out of his spare bedroom, he set out to become the ‘cirque du soleil’ of games to inspire and entertain players.

Mike says, “We used games as an escape and we would like to bring that same feeling of wonder to those who play to touch them with our creativity. We are looking for help from the small fish and provide a new game to play, grow their audiences and support them with tournament prizes for their viewers.”

Game Pill’s studio develops games as work for hire and co-development as well as original IP.

Apply to be part of the playtest on steam: 

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With a combined 16 years of interactive experience, prior to starting Game Pill, Mike was a Brand Manager for Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers, and is no stranger to entertainment. Mike is a prolific producer and CEO, having created well over 100 game titles across various platforms since 2008. These titles have ranged from mini-casual games to large scope digital media projects for clients such as Nickelodeon, Marvel, National Geographic, Disney, Discovery Channel, and others.  With an interest in toy design, he recently earned his certificate in Toy Invention under the direction of lead Spin Master Toy Designer, recently doing work for Sago Mini and others.

Mary Sorrenti is the Vice President of Game Pill, where she oversees finance, business affairs, and production, ensuring her internal teams stay motivated, and client care remains paramount. As a CPA, Mary spent the first half of her career providing business and tax advice to some of Canada’s most successful enterprises before finding her place in the interactive digital media world. She has over a decade leading teams and managing projects from concept to final deliverable. Mary also sits on the Board for Interactive Ontario and is Chair of its Advocacy Committee.

For more information, please visit the links below and for press inquiries, please contact Kat at or call 3054905911



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