Stop Blaming Video Games for Violence


Experts feel that politicians should stop blaming video games and movies for violence in America.

The topic was revisited in the aftermath following the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida last month, after a nineteen year old gunman shot up a local high school and killed seventeen people.

According to a Virginia Tech expert, Jimmy Ivory, research has provided very little evidence that the use of video games and other media is a useful predictor of any sort violent crime.

“In a political environment where we are too often cutting funding for public resources that address known causes of violent crime, blaming video games for horrific violent crimes serves only to distract from feasible and effective crime prevention efforts, says Ivory.

Jimmy Ivory is an associate professor in Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. He’s also working  in the VT G.A.M.E.R. Lab.

Ivory also said that “The Supreme Court of the United States has established that it is unconstitutional to censor video games or restrict their sales. Other initiatives that have been proven to reduce violent crime would be a more productive use of available government resources.”

Source : Virginia Tech

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