Supernatural Short Film “Black Moon” Brings To Life The Events Of Real World Black Moons, Next Occurring Today July 31st.

(Los Angeles, CA) – July 31, 2019. Horror film Black Moon by director Ryan Graff just completed production in Los Angeles and is ready to hit the international film festival circuit this summer. The dark and spine-chilling short tells the story of rare occasions when there are two new moons in the same month; the second is known as a black moon. The next black moon is happening today July 31st in the United-States and on August 30th in Canada and the Eastern part of the World.


These irregular events cause supernatural occurrences that are hidden in plain sight. In this case, a pedestrian tunnel lures a young mother inside with the whimpering of a young girl. Once inside, she is unable to leave again, and to make matters worse, there is something else in the tunnel with her.


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On her walk home, a young mother is lured into a tunnel, unaware of what has been awoken inside on the night of a black moon. Black Moon is a short film that is the entry point into a world of horror and supernatural anthology by filmmaker Ryan Graff. Every fable and ghost story you’ve ever heard becomes real, but only on the night of a black moon.


“Black Moon touches upon the mythology around a little known lunar event hiding in plain sight,” says director Ryan Graff. “By the time you are through you will be checking your calendar for the next black moon and beware anything out of the ordinary on that night,” he adds.


About Black Moon:

Black Moon is an experiential and intimate film following the terrifying misfortune of one woman on the night of a black moon: Fabienne Tournet (woman), Jamie M Timmons (lost girl), Brett DelBuono (man).


Directed by Ryan Graff. Story by Ryan Graff. Screenplay by Daniel Shafer. Produced by Julian Malagon & Daniel Shafer. Cinematography by Tim McCombe. Sound Design by Nathan Ruyle. Music Composed by Adam Hill. Editing by Michael Shaw.


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