Sweet Flower, Los Angeles’ Largest Owned and Operated Cannabis Retailer Launches “SWEETS by Sweet Flower” In-House Brand

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LOS ANGELES /PRNewswire/ — Sweet Flower, Los Angeles’ largest owned and operated cannabis retailer, is introducing “Sweets by Sweet Flower” family of branded products, starting with the launch of the “SWEETS” cannabis flower line, in three cultivars – Limoncino Sour, (indica cross of Gelato #33 x Divorce Cake), Strawberry Horchata, (hybrid Wedding Cake cut back-crossed with White Widow x Wedding Cake), and Maraschino (sativa dominant hybrid cross of Cherry Haze x Slymer), each featuring unique terpene profiles. SWEETS’ flower is grown in a hybrid indoor facility in Southern California, scientifically engineered to deliver each plant the highest qualitative and quantitative source of light. The benefits of using the Sun to grow cannabis scale beyond decreased power use and overall sustainability initiatives; Sun-grown cannabis has more complex cannabinoids, richer terpene profiles and promotes more desirable structural integrity.

Sweet Flower is known for providing representation and visibility for California brands with authenticity and quality across its multiple stores in Southern California, and carrying BIPOC-owned brands in its stores at ten times the state average. In addition, the retailer has established an industry leading track record of multiple successful exclusive product launches and industry collaborations – including Seth Rogen’s House Plant, Chelsea Handler’s Evolution Kit, Tove Lo’s Cann X Passion Peach Mate and Ball Family Farm’s co-branded pre-rolls.

“The launch of SWEETS builds on the retailer’s passion for and understanding of the modern Californian cannabis consumer, and on our demonstrated ability to launch leading brands across our retail platform” said Michelle Mendoza, Sweet Flower’s VP of Innovation, “The retailer uniquely operates at premium scale in premium locations across all of Los Angeles, and we look forward to leveraging our best-in-class store footprint, delivery service and customer experience in the launch of SWEETS.

The retailer will expand its SWEETS brand to include pre-rolls, edibles and new product lines throughout 2022 and 2023.   

About Sweet Flower

Sweet Flower is Southern California’s largest owned and operated cannabis retailer, owning and operating multiple locations throughout greater Los Angeles, including West Hollywood, the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, Studio City, Culver City and Brentwood/Westwood, with multiple new store openings to come in 2022 throughout California.

Learn more about the retailer at sweetflower.com | @sweet.flower.shops

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