Large asteroid FlyBy November 29, 2020 (Video)

large asteroid

  A large asteroid will pass Earth at more than 11 times the moon‚Äôs distance on November 29, 2020 and will approach our planet more closely in later flybys. 2000 WO107 is an asteroid, classified as¬†near-Earth object¬†and¬†potentially hazardous asteroid¬†of the¬†Aten group. It was discovered on 29 November 2000, by astronomers of the¬†Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research¬†at the¬†Lincoln Laboratory’s Experimental Test Site¬†near…

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Is 2020SO Space Junk or an Asteroid?


  2020 SO¬†is a tiny¬†near-Earth asteroid¬†or¬†artificial¬†object discovered by the¬†Pan-STARRS1¬†survey at the¬†¬†Haleakala Observatory¬†on September 17, 2020. It is currently approaching Earth and its nominal trajectory indicates that it will be¬†temporarily captured¬†by Earth by ¬†October 15, 2020. It will enter via the outer¬†Lagrange point¬†L2¬†and exit via Lagrange point¬†L1. During its¬†geocentric orbit¬†around Earth, 2020 SO will make a close approach to Earth around…

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