Author Lisa ‘Angel’ Lite’s New Book, ‘Dancing Nude in a Periwinkle Garden,’ Follows Angel and Her Sisters as They Attempt to Figure Out What a ‘Normal Life’ Truly Is

woman in purple flower field

“Being nudists since they were toddlers, Angel and her sisters experience two vastly different lifestyles—summers with their aunt in a nudist resort and winters with their mother in a highly dysfunctional family,” writes Lite.

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Author Lee Givens Jr.’s New Book ‘Misplaced Loyalty’ Shares His Views on How the Black Community Should Rethink Their Political Party Affiliation

hands with vote pins

Recent release ‘Misplaced Loyalty’ from Newman Springs Publishing author Lee Givens Jr. is the author’s beliefs toward the Democratic Party and how he believes his community should rethink how they vote. NEWBERRY, Fla. ( – Lee Givens Jr. has completed his new book “Misplaced Loyalty”: a deep dive into the politics of the black community, mainly focused on how they tend…

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