Phoenix without freeways? Blame this ATROCIOUS design. (video)

I do recall some of my summer vacations during childhood, travelling with my family in a motorhome from my hometown of LA to Dallas-Fort Worth. My dad would usually take I-10, and inexplicably had exit that freeway just passed of the city of Buckeye in Arizona, probably closer to what is now the Goodyear-Avondale area. He took Buckeye Road east…

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What were those lights in the sky above Arizona? (video)

Earlier this month, many witnesses saw an array of lights streaking above the sky in perfect formation. The lights move too quickly to be a star and are too perfectly aligned to be a meteor shower, so what was it? Well, it wasn’t aliens.. It was the SpaceX Starlink satellite array, a part of the Starlink Constellation. On the evening…

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Check out the Season One of CUPIC


  Watch the first season of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator. As we rapidly move towards the premiere of season three, we present an introduction of the people who investigate for CUPIC-AZ. We begin with Johanna Leoni, who is the lead investigator for this chapter of the organization. Season One also introduces the various people who help shape the organization….

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