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Watch the first season of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator.

As we rapidly move towards the premiere of season three, we present an introduction of the people who investigate for CUPIC-AZ. We begin with Johanna Leoni, who is the lead investigator for this chapter of the organization. Season One also introduces the various people who help shape the organization.


Investigators of CUPIC (kyu-pik): CENTRAL UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENON INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE are members of the scientific and technical communities who have chosen to investigate cases of unexplained phenomenon. Their goal is to investigate each case to it’s logical conclusion.

Members of the Arizona charter of CUPIC (Central Unidentified Phenomenon Investigation Committee), a private organization, investigate reports of the unknown. Their goal is to find a scientific and logical explanation to the cases, but each of them soon realize that it will not to be an easy task.

Series was written and directed by Rod Washington, based on McAllister Affair/ CUPIC series of short stories.

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CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator


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