Check out the Season One of CUPIC

  Watch the first season of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator. As we rapidly move towards the premiere of season three, we present an introduction of the people who investigate for CUPIC-AZ. We begin with Johanna Leoni, who is the lead investigator for this chapter of the organization. Season One also introduces the various people who help shape the organization….

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The Re-launch of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator

  We are re-launching both seasons of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator starting on July 3, 2020 on YouTube. This will be followed by the official release of the first five episodes of the third and final season. Visit for more details. nvestigators of CUPIC (kyu-pik): CENTRAL UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENON INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE are members of the scientific and technical communities…

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Check out The CUPIC Archives

The Archives is a ever growing compilation of short films dealing with the subject of the unknown. All of the stories are featured in episodes from every season of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator and some from the short lived McAllister Affair. The ever growing CUPIC Archive can be seen at and on You Tube. Visit:

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CUPIC Series Season 3 Premiere Dates Announced!

Phoenix, Ariz., October 23, 2018 – Well SEASON 3, the final season of CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator has a definite release date… On February 5, 2019, episodes 1 through 5 will be available for streaming, on YouTube. The final episodes, 6 through 10 will tentatively be available mid-March. Other streaming services have yet to be determined, but we will…

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