Tesla Model 3 Revealed Now Available on, Barnes & Noble and Google Play

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — For those who intend to purchase a Tesla Model 3, this book or ebook by author Mel Weiss may be a valuable resource. It contains information new owners need to get started setting up their Tesla Model 3.

As shown on the book cover, it describes for owners:

  • Charging at your residence
  • Ready for a long trip
  • Proper car tinting
  • Maximizing lithium-ion battery life
  • Providing a self-driving environment
  • Making money with your self-driving car

Upon receiving the Tesla Model 3, owners will need to download the Tesla App, which is discussed in detail in the book. They need to use the app following the recommendations in the book. There are links to 3 YouTube videos selected – Getting Started, which discusses the set up of the touchscreen; Homelink setup; and TACC (Traffic Aware Cruise Control).

Upon arrival at the owner’s location, they may need to charge at their residence. Hopefully they have read the information in the book to choose proper charging. Review the NHTSA Model 3 Safety Award, which makes the Tesla Model 3 like no other.

Within the book are Tesla Re-Boot, Tesla Autopilot later marked Enhanced Autopilot (EAP), and links to the Tesla Mode 3 Owners Club and Software version 9.0 dated October 5, 2018, the most comprehensive change to the software.

It is recommended that owners download the Tesla Podcast which discusses Tesla stock prices and comments on recent software updates. The OTA (Over the Air) updates are like no other in the industry and maintains the car with the most current software.

Beyond the Model 3 is a discussion of future autonomous vehicles and that the Tesla Model 3 will be one of the earliest self-driving cars. Owners will be able to make money by allowing their car to be in the network.

Now available on Amazon:

SOURCE Mel Weiss

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